5min Friday: Welcome

Ok Mama here we go: (and yes I know I’m a day late lol)

Welcome Home my love
come in and dwell
find your rest here
find US waiting here
are you cold?
are you hungry?
are you tired?
crawl up in this comfy place and rest for a while.
it is bigger on the inside.
it is more welcoming that it appears at first glance
it isn’t as easy as it seems, yet it isn’t as hard as it seems either.

you are safest here.
you are most home here.
you are most sheltered and adored here.
do you wish to leave, you will be missed and longed for.
do you want to run and hide…I will seek you forever.

you are not an orphan my love
you are not alone my love
you are not forgotten my love

take my hand
let me hold you
let me welcome you to a home you’ve never known
let me welcome you into a life that you didn’t know you missed
let me love you

you are always welcome here.
with fear, with anger, with resentment, with confusion….with tears
you are always welcome here…
in dancing, in joy, in singing…
in weeping, in mourning, in trembling…

won’t you just come in…won’t you knock upon the door
I’m standing at the gate…I’m watching thru the window…won’t you let ME in so I can draw you out?
won’t you let ME help you? love you?
Because I already do…I have….