Holding her little girl tonight
Rocking and “shhh”ing in here tiny ear.
Lulling her gently to near sleep…

Remembering 3 years ago when I held my last little one.
So tiny.
So fragile.
A blank canvas that THE FATHER had placed in my lap.
“where’s her manual?”

At rest.
Knowledge of HIS instruction.
Remembering…My purchase. My pardon. My ability in His ability.

My babies are older now, no more pacis. no more bottles or diapers.
Angie has 2 syllables…Naomi has 3.
Growing so fast.

Heaven Help me to Remember each moment.
In my crazy. frail.afraid. nervous. manual-less self.
Help me remember that they are YOURs. YOUR canvas, Your painting.
I am only the touch of Your hands that they can feel on skin.

Remind me to remember
to cherish
to keep
to love them till my life is spent.


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