the smell what is tied to it

I smelled the leaves today. the warm, dry, scent of youth
We had two giant trees in my back yard growing up. Fruitless mulberry trees that had so many leaves, leaves that fell golden brown filling our yard.

West Texas isn’t always the most fun place, but fall was a blast!


jumping and giggling w/ my sister and brother.

again.and again.and again.
That was long ago, the three of us are grown now.  My brother in Costa Rica,my sister in Texas ,me in Illinois.
Autumn in the Midwest reminds me of childhood.  The leaves may be from different trees,colors of red, green, yellow and ever shade in between, but they crunch the same smell the same and carry the same memories.


5 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. What a vivid word picture…that earthy smell of fall and leaves is one of my favorite smells. Never stopped to consider that it goes but to my childhood.Kateri @ Dandelion Havenhttp://dandelionhaven.blogspot.com

  2. Shannon, you totally have me with the running and jumping – and the leaves – but really – raking? You liked raking!? I now must reconsider my opinion of you ツ. It was beautiful – and it made me smile – God bless and keep you Shannon.

  3. I can just see the three of you in my memories having such a good time..thinking Mom was nuts for telling you to run and jump in the leaves we had just raked into a big pile…was such a fun time, so loved hearing your laughing thanks for taking mom down memory lanelove youmomma

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