BE the dirt

why can’t we just  be who we are?

live the dust we are made from

refuse to remove the grit that clings to the pores He created

why do I have to look like the airbrushed-ness the media shoves my way.

are they not dust as well? why does my dust have to be like hers?

We are created in HIS IMAGE!!

We are grit and dust and dirt…we are breathed into at our creation.formed and shaped by His hand
Be sandy!

Be gritty.


content with who I am

content to be this jar of clay

content to just be me
I WILL teach my babies to be dirt!

I WILL show them that the grit they wear is BEAUTY!

I WILL weep with them when they listen to the lies of the enemy of their hearts.

I WILL PRAY that they see themselves as He does.

Let us remember that WE ARE DUST!



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