what is “real”?
a word?
a thought?
a state of mind?
a way to live?

All of the above I think.
I lived so much of my life trying to be something or someone I wasn’t.
THAT equals FAKE.
In my thought life I was REAL.

I don’t want to live counterfeit
I don’t want to walk like a hypocrite
I don’t want my children to grow up in a fake home, where we put on our happy faces in public, and weep in our beds.
I want “real”.

I follow, serve, love, am mastered by THE REAL.
So, I guess the answer the real question is WHO is Real?

Jesus Christ came to this broken planet, not to just place a band-aid on it, but to SHOW it what REAL looked like.
He died on a tree so that we could see what REAL LOVE was.
He rose again to show us what REAL HOPE was.
He lives in the hearts of those who accept HIS gift to show us what REAL life can be.
He is what REAL IS.

So how do we live real? WE LIVE LIKE HIM!
In every moment,
In every thought.
In every act.
In all of this life. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT