“Questions” by Martin Buxbaum

When I grow old as I someday must…and the past is like a book…will I open up each page with pride…or be afraid to look?
I’m sure I’ll spot each weakness…when the sand is running low…and so today I ask myself…
the things I’ll someday know:
Have I lived each day with gladness…and lent a helping hand?
Have I paused each day for guidance… and followed as He planned?
Have I labored to my full extent…helped the week and poor?
Have I turned away a single soul…who knocked upon my door?
Have I always payed my honest debts…and never stooped to greed?
Are all men friends of mine in spite…of color, race, or creed?

the things I’ve done and do today…in memory’s chest I’ll keep…and when I’m old, my Maker…will I laugh or will i weep?


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