Like finding water on my bedside table

sometimes my girls surprise me with their love.

“what are you doing Boo?” I ask as she’s taking forever to lay down with me for nap time.
“bringing you something” she says.
and I don’t look, i just wrap her in my sleepy arms.
she squirms, i groan
we sleep

we wake to my lover calling “I’m home!” as my oldest gets out the bread and pb/j for dinner.
opening my eyes I see my Boo yawning, rolling over and faining sleep until i tickle her awake.

it’s late and they’re sleeping now.
i go to my bedroom in search of headphones so i can focus and write…and there’s her present.
on my bedside table…very sticky from her little hands opening it for me.
a bottle of water…

sometimes I think God’s love for me is like that.
heard through worn out ears
not sought or even desired
yet FOUND in the quiet moments
when I least expect it.
and i’m the sticky one…the one who needs to be opened up.
and He’s the One who’s living water is being poured in.
and it’s BEAUTIFUL!


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