Dear me…


I found Emily’s blog today and LOVE THIS IDEA! so here’s my letter.


Dear Me,

You are older now…32 to be exact. You are married to an amazing man and will celebrate your 9th anniversary next week. You have 2 amazing daughters and you are BLESSED to be able to home school them and just be with them.  The life you are planning for yourself now, will not be. Don’t be sad about that! We turn out great.

I’ve often thought about what I’d say to you if I could ever got the chance, if it were possible.  I find myself at a loss for words simply because there are so many!

I want you to know that YOU ARE WORTH IT! Worth every thing you are waiting for, worth everything you think you’re missing out on. The wait will be worth it in the end.  Being a homebody isn’t a bad thing! God will have protected you from much!

But that doesn’t mean that you  have to hide! You don’t have to pull yourself into yourself, you are precious and WORTH the knowing. You will regret the friends you didn’t let yourself make, the people you were afraid to know.  Making friends is a very beautiful thing!

And speaking of beauty…have you looked in the mirror lately? As a 32yr old version of you, I don’t see what I remember seeing. I see a beautiful girl…someone with so much ahead of her. So many amazing things. Someone will a very cute smile and great hair! At 32 you will still not be crazy about the hair (right now we’re wearing it super short) and hopefully in a few more years we’ll love it a bit more.

Some people say that’d love to go back and warn themselves to take a different path or make a different choice. I understand that, but I don’t share their desire to change your path. Sure there will be things you regret, things that you will look back on and shake your head, but in the end the path that you choose leads you to a good place. A solid place. A SPACIOUS PLACE. A place where you are loved and able to love. A place where the things you are learning now will make a difference.

However, if I could tell you a few things, I would.


1. don’t try so hard to fit! This is something you still struggle with. Do your best to just be you!

2. Keep that sweatshirt! You’ll wear it to smooth…and you’ll still love it!

3. pay attention in school. This studying to pass will kick your butt later.

4. Sing and be bold about it! Don’t just try to fit in there either.

5. BELIEVE in yourself!

6. Play the cards you’ve been dealt. Look at them closely but don’t hide the ones you don’t like. They are you portion…they will make you a Story!

At 15 you see life as mundane and pointless. The next 8 years will be filled with a bit of depression, a bit more mundane and pointless, a few years of college, a few more of Christian University, but at age 23 you will meet a man who God will use to change your heart. He will love you for you and help you to love you too.

LIFE IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL! You will survive it and You will look back on this picture and see more. so much more!

Your self,

Me 🙂



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