“How fast are we going?”



 I find myself rushing through my life.

I’ve done it for so long that the second natured-ness of it doesn’t even feel odd anymore.

I do it to my girls. “hurry!” to get to no place.

it saddens me…I loathe it about myself.

Lately my babes have been interested in Miles per Hour. They both love street signs, so maybe that’s why.

“Momma, how fast are you going?” I hear from the back seat.

I look down “I’m going 25 baby.”

“How fast do we walk?” my oldest asks.

“I don’t know. Maybe 5mph.”

They’re curious about speed.

In a world where time is money and the faster you go the more you get, we race.

race the clock

race our co-workers

race ourselves trying to beat the times we tried to beat last time.

I want to live life slower.

To slow down and just walk without a deadline.

They played in the leaves today…i fought the urge to hurry them along…to not give them a time limit..

I wonder how much more JOY would be on their faces if…


11 thoughts on ““How fast are we going?”

  1. Nice post! I find myself rushing all the time too. It’s so nice to slow down, especially in this season approaching the holidays. We need to remember to slow down, savor every second. Thanks for your thoughts!

    • 🙂 yes. i’ll be praying for you as you pray for me! have a fab weekend and I’ll be praying for you tonight as you go to your women’s event! no fear love!

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