“You found a treasure too!” {day 16 of 31 Days of Random JOY!}

We took a walk today. It’s BEAUTIFUL  in the Midwest today. Warmer than we expected, so we walked with coats tied around our waists and hats held to our heads.

The geese are still here as are the ducks, and we just happened to have some old-ish bread (we never feed the ducks old bread because Boo always eats more than she throws).

It rains quite a bit during Fall here, so we didn’t spend much time at the park, taking the long way home instead.

M’Ang walking the Ginger (our “fat dog”), and Boo and I trailing behind.

Have I mentioned that I love trees?

I’ve always loved this season, but in the Midwest it’s sooo beautiful! So many colors that are around for such a short time.

As we walked home today, me reminding M’Ang to walk Ginger and not let Ginger walk her, Boo and I trailed behind.

“Look Mom, a purple one!” Boo says.

“oooh, I’ve never seen a purple one! Look there’s a whole tree full of them!” I reply.

“I think this one came from that tree!” Boo’s cute little voice squeeks.

I smiled.

“Look Boo, this one is perfect!” All orange and red.

“Momma, you found a treasure for the box too!”

I giggle and agree.

“Mom, which way?” M’Ang asks as we reach the corner.

“Tell Ginger to GO HOME! and see.”

They both were so surprised that the dog led us home.


🙂 this is my joy for today…my girls and their way of  looking at the world with such wonder!


till tomorrow friends.



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