I was planted in the desert.

sprouted and thirsty

The Master Gardener transplanted me to fertile soil and i grew.

Tender roots seeking water deep deep down , spreading out in easier soil.

it’s not more fertile because of it’s location

it’s  not more fertile because of  the fellow shrubbery

IT IS  more fertile because I was created to grow where He planted me.

To sprout in a desert and to root deep in the soil in this bed.

He has staked me to Himself now.

Not to a supposedly good product or even a nearby wall. Himself!

He is the only one that never leaves…

that never changes…

that never gives up.

I may shoot my tendrils away, but He gently reaches for me, drawing me gently back into THE VINE.

I am content to be a branch.

Overjoyed to be so near Him.

“let me go deeper Master. I need more of You.”

I pray it…I want it…


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