Firemen and lines

We sat in chairs waiting for our number to be called, and he sat down beside me.

It happens often, I must have a likable face because they always speak.

He spoke of his life as a volunteer fireman, and I wondered how he still was one, looking near 80 years young.

“my father was and his father before him.”

I don’t know much about firemen other than that they do what their title says, so I listened and nodded. Saying “oh fun.” or “that’s interesting”

I found myself drawn to his hands…smoothed with age and work.

“I don’t hold the hose anymore, I do the dispatching and work on the engines. I climb all around and fix what needs fixing.”

We spoke of his upcoming vacation to the mountains and then watched the rain outside the window.

He never asked me a thing, just shared a bit of his story.

Looking in my eyes and needing me to hear.

I often wonder what it is about the old that makes them share so freely. I love it and am drawn to their stories.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again, his words today will not remain long, nor will his gentle smile, smooth hands, or the hearing aide he wore.

But I’m glad I got to listen to his words today. We all have a story. Something to share and something we want heard. I looked at him today and wondered who he was as a young man, what his life was like.

I pray for him now, that God would be with him. That if he doesn’t know THE SAVIOR that he will before his last day. I pray that he will know joy and will be safe.

maybe one day, when I am old and smoothed with age, some dear young mother will lend an ear to me.

loving you,



2 thoughts on “Firemen and lines

  1. No wonder we’re kindred! This happens to me All.The.Time. And I love it… My mother-in-law jokes about it. Every waiting room I’ve been in with her, I become a magnet ; )

    Friend, you make eye contact and let them see your soul. Once they see it, that’s all it takes for them to spill their story. (that’s what my grandmother would tell me anyway)
    sad that not many do anymore–share kind eyes. they’re missing out on hearing the wisdom of life from the volunteer firemen of this world.

    Thanks for sharing, girlie! made my day šŸ™‚

    • šŸ™‚ glad I’m not the only one. I used to be freaked out by it, but now I just let them share. It is sad isn’t it, that more people don’t just talk to “strangers” around them. It really was a blessing to me today. Much love dear.

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