There are few things that allow “stillness” in my mind.

With two crazy little tooters, quiet is a precious commodity! So much so that  I’ll often just sit in the quiet when I’m alone. Listening to the clock ticking in the other room.

On most days however, quiet is not easy to come by.

So, I Knit.

I learned when I was a little girl, but favored crochet instead. As an adult I hate to crochet and rather love the clicking of my needles.

I’ve been at the “intermediate” level for quite a long while, but I”m ok with that!

I don’t do it for beauty…or to make cozy socks that are multi-colored.

I knit for peace.

Yarn holds a peace about it for me.

I can walk around inside my mind when I knit.

I pray and commune with the Father. Asking questions that I’m afraid to let past my lips. {We’ve been hashing out those questions for a while now…maybe we’re getting somewhere…maybe we’ll still be working it out years from now.}

For some reason, with Yarn in hand,  I can be more real with HIM and be unashamed of who the inside Shannon is. The girl who is just a little girl needing her ABBA to hold her and just BE with her!

I can put aside tradition and the “Christian” persona, and just be me.

I’m more me when I knit.

Does that sound odd?

I hope that all of us find some place or something that gives us that kind of freedom.


11 thoughts on “Knit

  1. Yes, I do! Writing is probably the main one, actually. But perhaps that’s a bit too cliché for an online blog venue. Walking and cooking, also… But knitting is awesome – it’s so productive!

  2. “I’m more me when I knit.” I love that line. I’m not so much into knitting, but there are things that make me feel more “me” when I do them. Like Kati said, writing is probably one of those things.

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