Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl (a book review)

This is my first ever book review, not that I plan on doing many others. But anyway :),THIS IS A GREAT BOOK! The first in The Tales of Goldstone Wood series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

Heartless is a fantasy book full of Faerie beings, princess drama, love, and mystery.

The story follows Princess Una in her dramatic search for love and The Prince of Farthestshore’s devotion to her despite her refusal of his hand in marriage.

Wound into this story is the truth of Jesus’ devotion to us! I love, only finishing, books that aren’t corny when it comes to Christianity. I hate it when authors make believers out to be fake and weird. This book definitely doesn’t do that!

Ok enough of the “let’s write a review”-ness and let me tell you why I liked it.

Princess Una is a coming of age princess who thinks she knows what she wants. She has this idea of the life she wants inside of her head, yet has NO CLUE about what life really is. So, she falls for the first moron who shows her attention, despite the fact that he doesn’t get her eye color right when he serenades her. Get’s all in a huff when he flees from the kingdom seeking another way to pay his debts. She scorns the honorable suitor because he isn’t exciting enough, yet falls for the court Jester who tells her so little of himself.

She eventually succumbs to her desires for a love she shouldn’t, and turns into a heartless dragon who thinks she ONLY deserves the fire that is fueled by her pain. Only when she lets herself be killed by The Prince of Farthestshore’s love, when he gives her his heart, does she see what He was offering all along.

This is so like so many of us.  Accepting what we think we want only to regret it later.

Princess Una turned into a monster who listened to the lies of “death in life” and loathed herself for it. Even though she knew the Dragon was a liar…she let him persuade her that he wasn’t.


As much as I hate the way so many Christians girls, and women, act like Jesus is their boyfriend, I love the truth that we are His BRIDE.

That He will do and HAS DONE everything possible to woo us and win our hearts.

And should the most horrible of things happen, should we lose our way completely, if we give our heart away and it gets crushed or burned to smithereens, He will give us a new heart…HIS HEART OF FLESH!

And THAT is the most beautiful of TRUTH!


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