shed some light on this gift

i’m not the best mom…i miss that elusive mark ALL THE TIME!

yesterday was one such mark-missing-day. and in my venting and rage Jesus shed some light…

a few weeks ago Pastor taught a message on the GIFT of JESUS.

how He’s A GIFT so we can’t earn his love.

he’s a GIFT so we get to choose what we do with the love He offers.

how that THE FATHER has given us Jesus as a GIFT that He will never take from us.

that this GIFT of Salvation that only comes from JESUS, is a FREE GIFT!


so after i “gave” my youngest one of my old dolls…one of my favorites that i’ve had for 25 years…and she drew hair on him and lost part of his outfit, all in the span of 30 minutes…i QUICKLY forgot what a gift was.

Webster defines “GIFT” as “something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation

voluntarily….without compensation…

after losing it yet again, i went to lay down and raged at God. you know the “why can’t they________?”s that mom’s ask knowing the answer is because they’re kids and they’ll learn with practice and time.

God’s answer was to remind me of that sermon…that in order for a GIFT to be so, it is given, not with stipulations or obligations on the recipients part, but with expectation of the joy of its reception. and my job as the giver of this gift was to rejoice with my 5yr old toe-head as she added hair to this bald baby who was missing it.

one thing i did right that day was to call her to me, tell her that the GIFT OF JESUS is a gift that we can’t ever earn. He will never leave us because we treated HIM “wrong” and that He has offered us Himself and we get the choice of what to do with His Love! That His offer to be with Him forever is a FREE gift and IT’S THE BEST ONE.

i know she didn’t get all of what I said, but I did. i know that as she looked at me with tears in her eyes, i was the one that needed to ask forgiveness. not only of God but of her little precious self as well.

after lots of lovin and cuddles, I got what He was shedding light upon.

and Boo got her doll back…who still is missing pieces and now has hair.



3 thoughts on “shed some light on this gift

  1. Oh Shannon
    This is precious! She reminds me so much of myself when I was a little girl. My favorite thing to do with my dolls, was to give them a haircut! Yes, dear one, our Pappa gives us His love amd life for free. He only desires our love, but will never force us to love Him in return for true love can never be forced. Glad you also linked-up at Emily’s! I loved your light view on light!
    Much love

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