my man and I

we grew up in different states

different cultures,

but somehow THE FATHER grew us both.

my man and i have a love that others thought would never go anywhere.

meeting in an unconventional way,

courting rather than “dating”.

my man and i…

he loves me well! he loves me his way!

making me rest when i don’t really want to, but knowing he loves me and i need it.

taking the full irresponsibility of the girls, so i can recoop and get back to happy.

bringing me flowers just because…

not celebrating traditional holidays of “love” because we say it often…A LOT and mean it EVERY.TIME!

being the MAN of this sometimes to small house.

loving me as he takes over the parenting after a long day at work (with mostly women surrounding him there).

accompanying me not just on guitar but in living this life!

“the first time i held his hand i knew i’d marry him.” i say to a group of ladies monday.

they smile and the married ones know…this love that GOD has ordained and blessed.

this love that doesn’t look like everyone else’s…because it’s ours.

tomorrow is valentines day….but today is the day to love each other…and we do it well.

10 years went by like a blink…and i’m aiming for a slower next 50+to come,

loving my hytimecymbaline because HE first loved us both!



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