“I will betroth you to me forever…”



all women want it in some way, shape, or form.

either we want to be courted, swept off of our feet, noticed, betrothed to, or even captured and left breathless.

WE ALL DO! (unless i’m a weirdo and know only wierdos)

Hosea was a prophet. THEY categorize him as a minor prophet-but as a MAN he was far from minor!

it took A LOT of strength and trust in God for him to love Gomer-his harlot wife!

the Bible doesn’t say anything about his appearance, but i’d like to think of him as striking and bold in feature. a man who would turn heads, but wasn’t conceited…a Godly man (like mine)

all we do know is that he was strong in character.

i mean seriously, to marry a prostitute who bore at least 4 children by other men. a woman who prostituted herself by choice!

maybe she had been abused and felt that she had no other lot in life.  maybe she knew no other way like Mrs. Rivers portrayed her. maybe she wanted to be free, but didn’t know how.

or maybe she just liked being worshiped…or liked to worship other men.

all i do know is that she had a man who wanted her and OBEYED GOD when told to “Go again, love a woman who is loved by another man.” (Hosea 3)

He bought her again…and again…AND AGAIN!

what an amazing love story! a love story of redeeming devotion.

i’ve often wondered if Gomer ever turned to Hosea in the quiet hours of the night to reciprocate his affection and love. or if she was robotic and apathetic as he loved her.

this story…these two real people…were used by God to say some amazing things.

their relationship parallels ours, as the church today just as it did Israel’s then.

and i for one am tired of playing the harlot!

tired of seeking another’s arms-empty arms that never leave me satisfied. empty arms of another prince.

i am ready to walk as THE ONLY KING’S betrothed (Hosea 2:19-20)

to do my best to return to HIM  the steadfast love (Hosea 6:6) and adoration that He so devotedly bestows on me.

and if…OH IF  He chooses to heal and bind me up (Hosea 6:1) and rain righteousness upon me (10:12) well…that will just be a bonus!

because i’ve come to the place in this love, that i’m tired of only being held by HIM. I want to turn and hold on tighter!




7 thoughts on ““I will betroth you to me forever…”

  1. Shannon, this is beautiful, radical love. You tell it so eloquently here. I am visiting from Em’s. Its a pleasure to meet you and to be writing in community with you friend. You space is lovely and breathes joy.

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