Would He?

My times spent in Scripture begins with an Old Testament passage. I spend time reading the history of God’s people…my history.  i originally went into this adventurous time  with the thought that “the God of the Old Testament” would somehow be different than the “God of the New”.

but the irony is that HE’S THE SAME!  There is so no difference!

He is merciful in both. JUST in both. LOVING IN BOTH! yet for some odd reason its common to hear “the God of the ___Testament” is evangelical churches.  it’s kinda stupid actually.

so as i have been reading His Story I’ve come to see MY FATHER as more loving than before.

Throughout all of His Justice, His mercy is very present. Through all of His “wrath” His Love still resides. It’s beautiful really.

and the majority of the Major/Minor Prophets were used of God to speak to nations that parallel ours.

nations full of hate for HIM.

nations that thought more of themselves than their neighbors.

nations that traded the truth for a lie.

so i wonder…if not for His mercy of sending His SON TO DIE FOR OUR WRETCHEDNESS, would His WRATH have been as severe today?

would He smite us too?

would He exile us?

would He have our enemies enslave us? taking our children from our homes and making a spectacle of them later?

would He after misery and tears, RESTORE what the Locusts had eaten?

would He? after we’ve broken all of the law? would He?

i don’t know…but i do know that I AM SO HONORED TO BE HIS! I am overjoyed that He chose to send my Savior to show me another merciful side of Himself. to die in my place!



6 thoughts on “Would He?

  1. What a nice surprise to see your link at Jennifer’s!! All the times in the Old Testament when our Pappa semmed like such a mean, vindictive God,was not He was not declaring war against His chosen people, He was erradicatig sin from their hearts. It actually was an act of love.
    Much love

  2. I am wading through the book of Numbers right now and I won’t deny that it is tough for me. I skip over the endless sacrifices and genealogies, and yet I know that there was a purpose for it all…..And His love is amazingly prevalent there in the cloud and the pillar of fire by night, and in the dew like manna. It’s all a testmony of His love for us. Hard to imagine a God that would love so much, but I am so glad He does! Lori

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