Our Father

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It’s been 3 seconds since my last confession…”

i was driving down the road and that line was playing on repeat inside my head.  i’m not sure why…maybe it was how the sun was shining through the newly budded trees so early in the day, making me think of a tabernacle. or maybe it was because i’d just lost it with my girls AGAIN a half hour before and needed to confess. either way it got me thinking.

as a Protestant Believer there are things that i don’t understand and/or agree with that the Catholic Believers do, but the repetition and consistency of the devout is beautiful!

the first time i was ever in a Catholic Church i was in high school. our choir sang at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in nyc, and let me tell you if you’re going to pick one, that’s the one you should go to first!!

 walking in i saw the Crucifix and remember thinking just how BEAUTIFUL HIS SACRIFICE was!

since that day i’ve been intrigued by how the Catholic Believers “do” church.

their respect for the Eucharist…

lighting of candles…

genuflecting (kneeling out of respect) when entering the church and before sitting…

kneeling to pray…

saying of the Rosary…

Perpetual Adoration


to name a few.

even if i don’t think them required, i find them HOLY. and so i ask myself:

when’s the last time i came into HIS presence with total respect, without thinking of myself?

when’s the last time i “lit a candle” to remember the needs of another?

bowed low in respect for MY KING?

prayed with such consistency that i needed to keep my place?

spent time with HIM, just being with HIM, so that I wouldn’t be alone?

or even became humble enough to just confess my many MANY sins?

i don’t think you have to be Catholic to Love HIM that way.

sometimes i think a good dose of tradition can do us good.

yes i know that there is much more meaning than what i see, but i think that’s what HE wanted me to understand the other day.

that sometimes i just need to do…even if my “feelings” aren’t where they should be.

and i think that’s a great lesson.



from glory to glory

she grasped it.

the words of a letter.

written truth.

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

so she faced the day with gladness.

in the face of life lived and practiced. when “enough” was a word with no meaning.

when there was joy. when there was tragedy.

when it was hard. when it wasn’t.

when life turned and twisted, she anticipated each lesson with thankfulness.

and her faith was renewed and she saw HIM and wore His Glory like a cloak.

she did not keep Him to herself…she wore His glory with style.

and she shone…with boldness.

transformed from glory to glory.

day in. day out.

till He called her home.




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