birds on wire with moon


i was laying there in bed doing my best to go back to sleep and get my stolen hour back, but i couldn’t.

have you ever noticed that all bird song sounds different?

beautifully different.

as i listened, I was trying to single out each sound. trying to think of which little feathered fiend friend was making which sound. and the more i heard the more annoyingly distracting each one became.

but then i realized that if i just listened and didn’t think i just heard beauty.

so in my sleepy mind, i started to think  of praise.

i don’t know what kind of bird makes each sound, but the CREATOR does. and He can differentiate between them all.

maybe we sound like that when we praise Him.

maybe we are all birds wanting to be heard for our own distinct sound.

just birds filling our lungs with air so we can praise HIM with our own song.

so I wonder what He hears .

there were times Sunday morning where it was too much.     Shut the window or listen?

then times when i’d try to match their pitch in my head. and mimic them.

oh how i do that so often…with people!

rather than making my own joyful noise and worshiping and living the way He has created me to, i mimic my fellow saints.

do you do that?

then my “ahhh” came.

God doesn’t just listen for a moment then turn  away.

He doesn’t ever close the “window.”

He doesn’t get annoyed at my song when it comes, even if it were possible for it to come at an inopportune time.

He delights in my song.

He can’t  get enough!
He Waits for it even.
He is enthralled by me!

He pursues me…sometimes as  Romancer,
sometimes as Abba daddy,
sometimes as Friend.

He’s always listening for more.

like the avid bird watcher, He seeks out my  song.
delights in my voice. thinks me unique and oh so special.

so i’m going to let you in on what He taught me at 6am Sunday morning:

Whether owl or duck or sparrow you fit!
you fit for who you are and were created to be!
you are never an annoyance to Him but beautiful for your uniqueness.

And like a declawed cat in a window,  the enemy has no power to escape the bounds the Creator has set.

You are safe with Jesus!

You are enough…you are the singer of beautiful songs.



14 thoughts on “birdsong

  1. your posts always leave me thinking, and that’s a good thing….so proud to be your mother
    love you

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post, for reminding me that I am enough and I am safe with Him. Just what I needed to read, S. Rae. I have had so many doubt about that me that thinks I am not enough. Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  3. What a beautiful analogy.It certainly helps that I am a bird lover and already feel that they have a special place in God’s heart. But then to paint the picture of how very much we are like them, each with our own song, each with a desire to be heard… well, it was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Dear sweet Shannon
    As I am reading this I am listening to the sparrows gossiping, the doves trying to bring a bit if peace amongst their cacophony of voices and the Hadidas adding the cherry on top! Our feathered friends are such a joy. And I am woken up not with the tail, but the little, wet doggie nose in the face.
    Blessings from Emily’s.

  5. This is so thought-provoking, Shannon. I am a bird person–could watch and listen to them all day. So this is a lovely metaphor for me to consider–that I want my song to be heard. And he keeps the window open. Beautiful.

    I’m so glad you linked up with Playdates with God. I’m sorry I’m late with my visiting this week. But I’m glad for my time here.

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