i’m not

i guess i should say, i’m not most of the time.

because when it comes to my kids, i am.

i have to be.

it’s like when i get sick first and then they catch it, i can’t be sick anymore because they need me.  maybe bravery is like that.

I am brave because they cant be.

i have a friend who wrote something phenomenal. she was brave to say what she said. to relive some things in order to heal.

she’s brave!

i’m married to a man who goes to work with mostly women everyday. he’s brave!

am i brave for me though?

are you?

bravery as a choice…i guess so. everything else in this life is.

my youngest asked me about death:

“what happens to your body?”

“you are a soul with a body love. not the other way around.”

“what’s a soul?”

“it’s who are inside your head.”


“if i cut your toe off you’d still be you.”


brave is answering the hard questions.

speaking to those who need my bravery, so they can choose bravery in this moment too.


6 thoughts on “brave.

  1. Love your ideas about what brave could mean. I could relate to your post in many ways- I work with kids, and I have a 5 year old who asks some hard questions. Great thinking on the “toe” example- I’m sure that was a great moment! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. It’s so true that as moms we must be brave for our children. Stopped over from the Five Minute Friday! Have a blessed week!

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