and time passed

She chose a life of counterfeit. thinking that by being so,  she would convince herself that the lie was true.

and time passed

her Father chose and brought prince charming to her door. she answered and let herself be swept away.

as their courtship escalated to love and “forever” no longer just a word, he convinced her to shed her counterfeit suit. showing her that it no longer fit and that what was beneath was beauty and a deformed God made suit that could be remedied with time.

he begged her to burn it, to let the underneath shine through the ashes. with struggle and tears, she did.

and time passed

with timidity she learned to let Her Master straighten her twisted deformed limbs. mending and straightening gently. her beloved was there holding her hand through the pain. encouraging through the struggle to healing. her prince was brave and strong. their love for each other magnificent.

and time passed.

sadly the others in the kingdom didn’t recognize the princess without her counterfeit suit.

preferring that of their memories rather than the memorable beauty of the present.

wishing her to stroll on old paths. hold old hands. laugh old laughs and sing old songs while wearing that which they recognized.

they did not know that her suit had long been ash.

she and her prince much preferred the God made to the counterfeit. the real to the fake. the ordained to the mundane.

and time passed

the prince and princess were happy and they LIVED forever after!