i’m still a southern girl

he held the door for my daughter and me, then tipped his hat.

“Thank you,” i said with a smile.

his returned smile caused me to remembered…

being raised in the wide open spaces of West Texas.  where sunsets filled the horizon and tumble weeds were more prevalent than trees. where oil equaled money. and “hot” meant a temperature of 100+  in the shade.

where men held open doors for EVERY lady. and “Ma’am” and “Sir” were part of everyday conversation.

that Southern Charm was something you did, not something you were taught.

i always thought i’d marry a cowboy and grow old on a porch swing watching sunsets in the desert.

but i’m so THANKFUL that God wanted MORE for me than i wanted for myself.

that He hand-picked a “Yankee” to sweep me off my feet.

he may not be a Southern boy, but he’s mine!

he may not wear a Stetson, but he looks quite cute in the occasional baseball cap.

he may prefer flip flops to spurs…

he may drive “the man van” instead of a big truck…

he may be a “Yankee” but he’s still my charming man!

he may not resemble John Wayne, but he resembles JESUS CHRIST which is A MUCH BETTER MAN!


and WE CHOOSE to do life together…till one of us goes home to wait for the other.


i do not live in the desert anymore. trees are sometimes less prevalent than corn. but i do still enjoy the occasional fabulous sunset.

Courteous Southern Charm is present and TAUGHT in our home.

we are slowly teaching our girls never to accept less. especially from  boys that will one day haunt visit our home.

I want my sweet girls to have doors opened for them. i want that boy to be enamored with her heart.

and so, these are the rules:

  • he will shake their father’s hand before asking to court our daughter.
  • he will call me “ma’am”.
  • he will open my baby’s door and be a man of honor or he will not get a shot at her hand!
  • he will be genuine and faithful to Christ.
  • and he will be worthy of her.

and when the day comes when we give her away, he will pledge himself to her and choose to do life with her till death.

cause every lady deserves that.

the occasional tipping of a hat is a plus too! 🙂



One thought on “i’m still a southern girl

  1. I feel like women and girls need to hear stories like yours, because sadly the gentlemen do not out weigh the others in our present world. That’s a horrible way to describe that but I can’t think of another way currently! 🙂

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