is it just me, or is prayer weird-ish?


“if He knows what we need before we even ask, then why do we have to?”  

if i think about it too often, more questions come:

  • when i don’t ask for prayer, is it because i don’t trust others to actually pray?
  • do i not ask because i don’t think it’s important?
  • do i ask for prayer too often?
  • does asking for prayer often make me look needy?
  • WHY DOES IT MATTER IF IT DOES?! and who says it does, if it does?!
  • Do I actually pray every time I say “I’ll be praying for you.”? What does that even mean? i hope it means, i care and am praying.

I have a few friends that I know are really hurting right now, and although they didn’t ask  I’m petitioning the throne for them as often as they come to mind. But what does that mean? That I’m weeping with them?

 if there’s one thing that’s seemingly simple about My Faith that I don’t understand, it’s prayer! 


maybe it’s not up to me to have the ins and outs of prayer figured out. maybe it doesn’t really matter what i say or how i say it, but that i say something

…i know Abba is bigger than my misunderstanding. if Abba is my Daddy doesn’t that mean that He knows my intentions as well as my thoughts? Does He know how i long to be with Him…even if i’m awkward and unsure if i’m making any sense at all?

i guess it’s a comfort that if David can be called a friend of God after some of the things he said, yelled, and questioned God about, then i’m ok somehow too.

and i think you are too!


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