and we speak

walking in his boots. up to my hips in daddy’s shoes.
sitting in his lap watching tv.
changes. in me. in him. in time.
then enough time changes.
and i’m a grown woman and he an older version of my daddy.
he calls.
we talk.
of life. of memories shared from his childhood.
revealing a  bit more of his life that i never thought to ask about.
we speak now.
of life; of mine. of his.
and i miss him

Laura Boggess


4 thoughts on “and we speak

  1. I am so sorry for this deep loss, for the missing that is filling your heart. When people leave this kind of tatoo upon our soul because they loved well and lived life with us it is overwhelming to find the normality in the mundane without them. Praying for His comfort and mercy for you, for His hope to ignite the spark of healing in your heart. Praying, too, that you will have some quiet solitude with Jesus to rest in His arms as you grieve.

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