just practicing

i’m an eavesdropper a listener.

sometimes my quiet is because i’m just listening.

so much to learn about who people are when they are talking to someone else.

words spoken under breath as people walk past. the “hmph”s and the mumbled. (i wonder why they don’t say something?)

so often gossip comes by proxy. “poor dear” becomes “did you know_______?!”


then the positive and loving things  i hope are said on a regular basis.. “he’s just so precious.” “I picture her as _____.” said with a smile.

the blushing smile he didn’t get to see…the one she in unsure she wants him to notice.

the laughter–deep belly laughs from way down where joy lives.

the conversations between lovers and friends. beautiful words.

i read a quote about listening a while back. it sits on my shoulder playing on repeat.

“we don’t listen to hear, we listen to respond.”

so, maybe this is practice. head down, pen to paper. ears open.

the more i hear the more i know i miss in my mental preparations to respond.








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