4/18/15 blessings realized

4/18/15: we had lunch today. i realized that what my mentor says is true and my outlook has changed. 

“instead of daily saying, “goodbye” say, “Thank You, Jesus, for another day with him. Another day we weren’t promised.”

i’m starting to realize just how blessed i am as a child to have time to just be with the first man who ever loved me. To drink a cup of coffee, share a meal, or listen to his stories. these are the days, the no agenda days, that i’ll treasure most. TIME WELL SPENT!  

that’s my my biggest regret–that it took his cancer to show me how much life i’ve missed. 

Choosing busyness over rest. 

stress over relaxation.

me over others.

the aged know so much more about this than we, as the young, do. i’m starting to see our days through dad’s eyes. Oh how i will miss those blue eyes! his laughter. his “let’s find someone to pay for this.” His hand reaching for mine…


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