9/16/15 my memories…

“I’ve decided to not be in pain…I’ve got to live while i have time.”

Dad said that today. 🙂 I told him how happy i was that he came to that decision. That i needed, my girls needed, as many memories as we can get.

we are at the end of treatment, and as i look back at this silver covered journal and i wish i’d have written more. not of just the CRAP DAYS, but of the memories that we’ve made along the way.

silly faces made at him during the hard times of treatment.

calling him a cat with the mange when his hair fell out in clumps 2wks ago.

my girls giggling at his antics and blatant farting when he walks…or stands…or moves.

our trips to the grocery store…buying things he just wants to try.

GREAT pictures taken at random.

watching him doze off and snore so loudly i want to plug my ears but yet don’t.

his craving for 7up and fried squash swimming in “more butter, please.”

looking EVERYWHERE for Patty Pan squash that apparently NO ONE has heard of in Illinois!!

how amazing My Mister’s parents have been!

driving down roads just to see where they go.

learning how to push a wheel chair without hitting the walls or taking out his elbow.

telling him that i’ll rubber band the loose skin on his arms to make them look young again.

playing the lottery AND NEVER WINNING!

Becoming his friend as I see him as he is!

Learning to love him…not because i’m his daughter and i have to, but because HE’S A GREAT MAN!

there are NO REGRETS! and a little less sadness than i’d assumed as we start to make 6month appointments that he won’t be here for. knowing that he will be in GLORY and i’ll be jealous of him.


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