19: who (31 days of the Power of Story)

today is fmf. For 5 minutes we blog on a given prompt. Today: WHO


Who are your heros?

Your parents?

Your grandpa?

Your pastor?

A favorite teacher?

For me, there are many.

  • GOD the Father, GOD the Son, GOD the Spirit.
  • The HEROES OF THE FAITH listed in Hebrews 11.
  • The apostles who wrote down the scriptures.
  • The scribes who copy them over and over again.

But to me the biggest heroes in Scripture are not the main characters, but the ones that we hear about in passing.

The ones that get one sentence or one word. Like the little boy who gave his lunch to Jesus. The servants who filled the water jars. The woman at the well. The blind man at Bethsaida. Those people, whose stories teach us who we are, because we see ourselves in them. To me they are the unsung heroes of our faith.

And others we see just in life. the authors that teach us who we are because they share who they are. The Poets.

the artists.

The Visionaries.

Who are we?

We are shaped by our culture. We are shaped by our parents. We shaped by our friends. We are shaped by the ones who love us the most. By those who don’t give up on us when we have a bad day, week, month, or year.


But when this breathe of a life is done, WHO we are is WHO GOD SAYS WE ARE.

I choose Jesus!

Hillsong’s “Who You say I am” is a great reminder.

joining in with the lovely Kate Motaung over at fiveminutefriday.com as she graciously supplies prompts. 🙂 and i’m linking to the beautiful tribe over at write31days.com.

15: when I come to myself (31 days of the Power of Story)

I often forget…

My voice

My courage

My self.

My identity.

Then I remember!

I am who JESUS says that I am.

Holy and Dearly Loved

Purchased by Joy!


Beloved and ALIVE in Christ!

Strong in GOD’S Armor!


Gifted by God.
A living sacrifice.

A member of His Body.

Never alone!

I am a Child of God.

He is delighted in me!

I am Sealed in Christ!

I am surrounded with Favor!

The Lord sees me and knows me, and I am this woman when I come to myself!

8: Comfort of Change (31 days of the Power of Story)

i started using a journal sometime in college, when it was too childish to call it a diary anymore. it started out as an idea: maybe if i write down some of the million thoughts that are keeping me up at night, i can sleep better. sometimes it actually worked.

it turned into a pattern ,albeit an inconsistent one, of my life. i spent the day reading through a few dusty ones on my shelf.

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7: HOPE (31 days of The Power of Story)

of the 3,754 songs i have uploaded to google.play,  13 of them have the word ‘hope’ in the title. that is out of the 399 bands and 746 albums. granted since i don’t listen to much non-Christian music, only 1 of those songs is secular.

if i would have done the same search 20 years ago when i only listened to country music, that number would be MUCH BIGGER!

however, regardless of the genre so much of what we listen  to, watch, read, surround ourselves with desperate cries out for HOPE!!! so, what is HOPE anyway? Continue reading